Employee Engagement Apps - What They Are and How to Choose the Right One for Your Company

Nataša Mlađenović
Nataša Mlađenović
Feb 01, 20238 minute read

Employee engagement has become an increasingly important part of company culture, and more and more companies are trying to find a way to increase engagement among their employees.

And there are tons of ways. Some companies offer perks and incentives, while others host team-building events or activities - all of which can help foster engagement.

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However, one way that many companies are starting to turn to is using employee engagement apps, which are designed for just this purpose.

What are Employee Engagement Apps?

Employee engagement apps are essentially communication tools that help connect employees in different ways. They are designed to improve collaboration and communication between team members, as well as allow leadership to better understand the wants, needs, and feelings of their employees.

These apps are typically cloud-based solutions so that they can be accessed from pretty much any device, which is particularly handy when it comes to deskless and remote workers.

The goal of these apps is to create an environment where everyone feels heard and valued, regardless of location and time zone.

Why Would You Need an Employee Engagement App?

If you already have a strong internal communication strategy in place, you might be wondering why you would need an employee engagement app on top of that.

It could seem like just another communication channel, that will do nothing other than add to the communication overload in the workplace.

And the truth is that not all companies need them, but most will eventually.

The modern workplace is becoming increasingly digital, and the rise of hybrid and remote work means there is often limited physical contact between employees.

Traditional communication channels, such as email, chats, and even calls are still great ways to ensure that work gets done, but they don't always foster the kind of cohesion that is needed for a successful team.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Don't underestimate the importance of informal interactions and spontaneous water cooler chats when it comes to team engagement and morale.

As these have become increasingly sparse in the modern workplace, due to factors like remote working and the trend of hot-desking, an employee engagement app can help to fill in the gaps.

But they also help in other ways.

For example, they can facilitate better collaboration between departments by connecting communication silos which has become increasingly important as teams become more geographically dispersed.

They can also help to increase transparency across the company, as they allow everyone to see what other teams are working on and provide a central place to find important information.

Finally, they can help to boost morale by encouraging employees to recognize each other's accomplishments, as well as share news and updates with the whole company.

Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention Rates

All of that will help you create a more engaged workforce, which in turn will lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.

When people feel connected to their colleagues and feel like they are part of the big picture, they are more likely to stay with the company for longer.

And apart from helping you foster the right environment, an employee engagement app will also provide you with the data you need to track and measure engagement.

As they are designed with that specific purpose in mind, most - if not all - will offer in-depth analytics that can help you gain insights into employee sentiment and engagement levels.

This is invaluable information that can help identify areas that need improvement and make sure all employees are feeling supported and valued.

Increased Productivity and Performance

And last, but certainly not least, implementing the right employee engagement app will also lead to improved productivity and performance.

When people feel connected to their job, they are more likely to take pride in their work and strive for excellence. They will also be more motivated to go the extra mile, leading to greater overall productivity.

Boost Employee Engagement

Create a space for employees to connect with each other and bring the company together.

Improved retention rates also play a part, as it not only reduces the time and money spent on recruiting and training new employees, but it also leads to more knowledge and skills being retained by the company.

In short, a good employee engagement app is well worth the investment. It might not be the only thing you need to do in order to create a strong working environment, but it will certainly go a long way toward achieving that goal.

How to Choose the Right Employee Engagement App?

The right employee engagement app could pretty much transform the way you operate, but with so many options available choosing the right is a bit of a challenge.

Not every app will be perfect for every company, so it’s important to take the time to consider your specific needs and goals.

Here are a few key points to consider when you are making your decision:

1. User experience:

The thing with employee engagement apps is that they are only useful if they are being used. That's why user experience is your top priority.

Make sure the app you choose is easy to use, while still offering all the features you need, otherwise workforce might simply refuse to adopt it.

2. Platforms:

Most of those apps will be available for both mobile and desktop, but they always have different designs and features. Before you commit to one, make sure it offers a good user experience on all the platforms you need.

3. Integrations:

These types of apps can broadly be divided into two categories: those that integrate with other existing tools, and standalone options.

Both have their own set of advantages, so it is important to consider which one best fits your organization's needs.

4. Security:

Security should always be a priority any time you are dealing with sensitive data. The app you choose should have the necessary measures in place to ensure that employee data and other sensitive information are safe.

Also, make sure to check what kind of access employees have to the data, as this will help you avoid potential issues.

5. Analytics:

The app should offer in-depth analytics, so you can get the necessary insights into your employees’ sentiment and engagement levels.

Data such as what topics are relevant, who is most engaged, and what activities are proving to be the most successful can be invaluable.

6. Cost:

The costs of these types of apps can vary widely, depending on the features and complexity of the app, and even though it should not be the first thing to consider, it is of course an important one.

A rule of thumb is that the more features an app offers, the more it'll cost you, but more often than not those will be features that you don't really need.

So rather than going for the most feature-rich app, that'll just make it more complicated to use, try to find the one with all of the features you need that is still within your budget.

Meet Lorino

Let us introduce you to Lorino, our solution for employee engagement.

Lorino was not created to be an employee engagement app, but rather a solution to empower teams, create meaningful connections, and promote open communication within our own company.

The vision was to create a knowledge-sharing platform that would enable us to share best practices and valuable insights, while at the same time providing a platform to foster employee engagement through informal dialogue.

Think of it as a cross between a notice board and a social network, but still oriented towards knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Unknowingly, we created the perfect employee engagement app that could be used by businesses of all sizes.

Why Lorino?

In a nutshell, Lorino is the perfect employee engagement app for most businesses because:

It's Easy to Use

Lorino has a simple interface that even the least tech-savvy users can understand and navigate.

If you have ever used any social media platform, you'll immediately understand how Lorino works. Sharing links, pictures or simply making a post is as easy as posting something on Twitter.

And finding things is even easier. As we created Lorino with knowledge sharing in mind, making the shared information easily accessible was our priority.

That's why Lorino has a powerful search feature that helps users find relevant content in the blink of an eye - you just need to type in a keyword, tag or topic and the results will appear in just a few seconds.

This all means that your onboarding process will be fast and efficient, even if your workforce is on the maturer end.

It's a Stand-Alone App

We opted for a stand-alone approach for Lorino because we believe that you don't need to uproot your whole ecosystem to benefit from an employee engagement app.

This means that you don't need to integrate your other tools, like CRM or HR systems, with Lorino to use it - it can be used completely independently.

Nor do you need to migrate your data from your existing tools, so the onboarding process is even smoother.

It's Accessible Anywhere

Lorino is a cloud-based app that can be accessed via browser - no download required.

It does, of course, also come as a mobile app that offers all the functionalities of the web-based version, so you can stay connected to your team and check in on their progress even when you are away from your desk.

But we deliberately did not go for a mobile-first approach, meaning that you don't have to sacrifice any of the features if you opt for the web version.

It's Non-Intrusive

For the purpose of increasing engagement and fostering relationships, it's important to provide your employees with an environment that does not feel too restrictive or intrusive.

That's why Lorino has no push notifications. We believe that your employees should be able to engage with the app at their own discretion, and only when they have time.

Once they are in the app, though, the notifications tab offers them a comprehensive overview of all the activities related to their account - aka new comments on their posts and posts they follow.

It's Secure & Compliant

Lorino has the necessary security protocols in place to ensure that confidential data is kept safe and secure.

We're also firm believers in privacy – no data will ever be shared with any third party. All your data is owned by you, no one else.

And if you ever decide to cancel your subscription, your data either goes with you or we'll delete it permanently.

It Offers Detailed Analytics

With Lorino, you get detailed analytics on employee engagement levels, including who is most engaged and which topics are proving to be the most successful.

This data can be invaluable for understanding how your team is feeling and what new initiatives you should introduce to help boost engagement.

In Conclusion

We understand that choosing an employee engagement app can be a daunting task, but with Lorino, you get all the features your business needs to stay connected and engaged – all at an affordable cost.

Book a free demo today and see for yourself how Lorino can help your team stay connected and engaged!

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