6 irreplaceable strategies to improve internal communication in your company

Irena Dragičević
Irena Dragičević
Apr 13, 20226 minute read

Are you constantly fighting to improve internal communication in your company? Well, finally you can put an end to the struggle.

Whether we want to admit it or not, remote work is here to stay. We can all agree that there are many benefits of this work mode, but it’s definitely not without challenges.

The biggest obstacle of remote and hybrid work environments is communication, especially when it comes to cross-team communication. What is more disappointing, many companies are not aware of their problems in communication.

Yet, it can lead to misunderstandings, mistrust and negatively impact the morale, productivity, and motivation of employees.

Integrate these strategies to keep your employees connected and improve internal communication:

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Lead positive organizational culture

Let’s face it - people want to work for companies with positive organizational culture. A strong culture of your organization can enhance employee engagement, loyalty, and motivation.

It’s important to reach every employee, acquaint them with your company’s business goals and values, and get everyone pulling in the right direction.

Don’t take your employees for granted, and thank them for hard work or some accomplishment. Employee recognition is an important factor in building and cultivating organizational culture. Proper company culture can improve employee’s capacity to thrive and organization’s ability to grow.

What’s more important, people want to know that their business environment is psychologically safe. In that environment, they feel free to speak, expose thoughts, ask questions, seek feedback, or propose new ideas.

When everyone understands business goals and feels safe, they will be able to communicate with one another more effectively in order to achieve those goals.

Create space to listen to your employees

Communication is a two-way process. Therefore, if you want to be heard, you need to actively listen to what your employees have to say.

We are aware that project end deadlines are in the first place in the modern dynamic environment, but if you want to improve internal communication in your company - listening to employees is crucial.

Have in mind that too many or too long meetings can be a real headache. Meetings should be problem-solving oriented, so don’t overwhelm them with unnecessary things. Give them some other space where they can share information, achievements, ideas and listen to what they are saying.

That way, your employees will be connected, engaged, involved and most important - heard. This is crucial for retaining your employees and propelling the company’s progress and growth.

Break down silos to improve internal communication

It is inevitable to avoid the consequences that silos have in the company. Teams duplicate effort, things are hard to find, there are tons of missed opportunities and a lack of transparency, and internal communication is poor.

So, if you want to improve communication and the overall work process, the crucial thing is to break down silos or bridge them. But how can you do that?

First, by setting strong organizational culture with clear goals, expectations and values every team will collaborate toward achieving shared goals. Common goals and a unified vision can bring different teams together by keeping them on the same page.

Even more important, encourage collaboration and transparent communication between different teams. A silo occurs when different teams are isolated and have poor communication with each other.

So incorporate a tool that will make it easy for different teams to communicate and work with one another. If your company has deskless workers, make sure that your new tool is suitable for them to use as well.

Connect the Silos Across Your Company

Bridge silos and foster greater cross-team collaboration across the company.

Encourage information and knowledge sharing

People love to be informed and to improve their knowledge and skills. In fact, an opportunity for learning and development in the workplace is one of the main motivators for employees. Even more than money is. So make it possible for them.

The exchange of knowledge between different teams is priceless and has a huge role in improving internal communication. Except that can increase productivity, it also can increase social interactions and trust in the workplace and among the teams.

When employees are learning from each other and have access to a tool where they can share their knowledge, a sense of belonging and community is enhanced.

Traditional communication channels are not designed to facilitate knowledge sharing. Provide them a new virtual space where they will be free to share their knowledge with others and have an opportunity to grow professionally.

Your new knowledge-sharing tool can also be an ideal way to keep your employees up-to-date on company progress, changes, and plans.

Optimize how you communicate

The fact is that many employees are not satisfied with communication at work; including how and where information and knowledge are shared. Most commonly used communication methods, such as emails, are not the most effective mediums for internal communication. They lack transparency and information can be easily missed, lost, or misunderstood.

Everyday communication tools are overloaded with details related to the ongoing tasks, so they should not be burdened with additional information and used for sharing knowledge. Otherwise, employees can get frustrated when overwhelmed and distracted from the task at hand.

That’s why you should deeply think about a new tool to improve communication while reducing stress and information overload. That new tool should not be used for monitoring and communicating about regular tasks and processes.

Use it to reduce information overload, improve employee engagement and involvement, and create a culture of celebrating accomplishments and recognition.

Recognize employees’ accomplishments and praise them openly

Everyone appreciates when others recognize their contributions, achievements, and efforts. Praise can motivate and drive people to continue with good work. Even more when received in front of the others. Also, praise can be a good example for other employees and motivate them to follow the success of others.

Except it can improve communication and engagement, highlighting the achievements of employees can create a healthier workplace. Your employees will feel more appreciated and motivated. As a result, internal communications will significantly improve.

With all these strategies in mind, we created Lorino. This simple online communication solution enables easy transfer of knowledge and information, connects employees at all levels, and overcomes the limitations of emails and traditional communication channels. As an additional tool used for a proper purpose, it will bring many benefits to your company.

In a simple and fast way, Lorino will encourage employees on information and knowledge sharing by creating proper space for sharing to happen!

At the same time, it will give you an opportunity to get to know your employees better, celebrate their achievements and mutual successes. And all that will lead to better internal communication.

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